Wedding Cake

There are many types of customs in wedding ceremonies… there are even more types of confectionery monuments to help celebrate the big day. The majority are known traditionally as “the wedding cake.”

A little girl dreams forever of her wedding day often making many plans while still a kid.  One of the two big things that are thought about for almost a lifetime growing up is the wedding dress and the wedding cake. Every little girl has imagined (and often planned) what her dress will look like and also how the wedding cake should look.

Sometimes these dreams of the perfect cake and dress have to be altered to suit the theme and the input from the groom’s side of the family. There may be ethnic or religious considerations to take into account in the design of the cake.  If your wedding is a traditional, classy event and the decorations are subtle then the cake needs to reflect this feeling in the design and structure. On the other hand if your wedding is more eclectic and you are having perhaps a more casual creative theme then maybe you want a wedding cake that is actually a stack of cupcakes each one having it’s own eclectic color theme.

Next to the wedding dress and wedding ring the wedding cake is the 3rd most iconic part of the wedding. It will be in the pictures of the reception and will be what you and your guest remember for years to come. Your wedding cake needs to not only match the style of your wedding but also be an expression from both sides of the families being joined in the marriage. Some guys are just happy that their brides-to-be love the cake and then it is more about if the gal is …pleased so is the groom. Other guys want to have something that represents their family and/or their family’s traditions and/or background. It may be as simple as ensuring that the groom on the cake topper (if you have that type of design) looks similarly to the actual groom and not outrageously different. As an example, the real groom has blonde hair and the groom on the cake is not only dark haired but perhaps resembling a different ethnic origin.

Some cakes base the design on adding ornaments (sometimes not edible) such as lace, pearls and ribbons. Check with your fiancé’s family as perhaps there is a special family heirloom piece of jewelry that could be added to the wedding cake in addition to what you might be adding from your family background.

There are so many varieties of wedding cakes that it would be impossible to explore all of them in detail here in this blog. I have included a few videos with tips on how to choose styles, types of cakes and on working with a cake artist. Many aspects of the design and icing of the wedding cake incorporate design and decorations that are not meant to be edible.

Wedding cakes vary so much as do the prices and experts who create them. Some young couples want to make and ice their own wedding cake.  Before you choose this option be very sure that you have the time and patience to do your own cake and remember,  if something goes wrong, an off the shelf wedding cake is not that easy to get a hold of in time for the wedding day.

When I got married I had a brother in law whose ability to bake fruit cake was phenomenal. He baked four separate tiers of fruitcake for my wedding cake several months in advance of the actual date of the wedding. The cake being a true fruit cake was well preserved with rum. I, as a hobby used to love decorating cakes for family and friends. In Ottawa there is a place called Artistic Cake Design and I learned from their helpful staff what I needed to do to embark on icing and decorating my own wedding cake. I will save the details and how-to for the next blog post.

Check out these videos:

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