Wedding Music for 2013

Every young couple in planning their wedding has to decide on minimally two different selections of music. One is for the actual wedding ceremony the other list of tunes is for the wedding reception. Often the wedding ceremony music is much more formal than the music at the party. Selection of the type of music for your wedding ceremony will depend on whether your wedding is a church event or not. Many churches have strict guidelines about what they will allow at their services, with Roman Catholic, Muslim and some Evangelical churches being the most traditional with regards to the type of music genre tolerated.

If your ceremony is not in a church you will have more latitude in music selection, but there may also be other constraints. For example, in a civil ceremony at City Hall or the Court House there may be other restrictions such as only being able to use digital music with a CD player. In some cases you will be allowed a keyboard with a live entertainer. A small quartet or group of musicians can sometimes be accommodated at some civil ceremonies but restrictions in space and/or policy may render this option unavailable.

Something else to consider when planning the music for your wedding is the acoustic value of where the music will be played. An outdoor wedding has its own challenges in both in volume and acoustic resonance. Music sets the mood and should match the theme of the wedding with more classical music for a traditional church wedding leaving the possibility of a more relaxed venue being complimented with more modern music.

Spend the time to research the music you want played before, during and after the ceremony. Some ceremonies are longer and you can fit several selections of different music throughout the event. Other ceremonies are much shorter and there might only be enough time for a processional (music as you enter the church guests and then bridal party), main event (during and at signing of the register) and at the recessional (exit out of the church first by the bridal party then the guests).

Music at a wedding reception is largely handled by retaining a professional disc jockey or engaging a band. In this instance, you would specify any restrictions and general genres of the music your guests would be familiar with. The decisions behind the music chosen for ones wedding reception should take into consideration the average age of the guests in attendance. You may not fancy older music for you as a couple but if you have many older people especially elderly in attendance you will want to include music from a wide range of years so as to have something for everyone. Younger guests tend to party well into the evening whereas many older guest will leave the reception before the party is over. This is something to keep in mind when choosing some of the dance music. Many entertainers and Disc Jockeys welcome suggestions from the guests.

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