The Wedding Flower Girl

The history of flower girls being part of the wedding party dates as far back as the Greek and Roman times. In those days brides were quite young just having walked through childhood and stepped into young adulthood (or what was considered adulthood at the time as these brides were as young as 12 years old). In these times it was customary that some of the bride’s younger childhood friends and relatives be part of the ceremony as symbols of purity, youth and life. Some cultures thought that including young girls sprinkling flowers/grains was a way to ward off evil spirits that might try to … [Read more...]

The Wedding Guest List

I think if any couple has survived doing the mandatory marriage course (a prerequisite for most church weddings) and not ended up in a major disagreement over some of those hot topics, the next category to test the unity of the dearly intended is most definitely the guest list. Many families have notions going back years as to whom they think should be invited, who is “owed” an invitation and who should NOT be allowed to attend.(!!) Now combine this with the differences between the bride and groom’s respective families and you have a possibility of a family feud being set ablaze from the … [Read more...]

Getting the Bridal Couple to Kiss~Wedding Games

Okay we have all been at weddings when the clinking of glasses start sometimes followed by shouts of “Kiss the bride” or “Kiss-Kiss” and then sometimes whistles or hollers.  Other than looking around and picturing your fellow guests at the event and wondering which ones were on the school yard years before  shouting “Shame, Shame, Double shame…” the two of you comply with a “kiss” to the oohs and aahhs of the faithful assembled at your reception. Many couples plan games and special rules to eliminate the noise and clatter of guests constantly clinking glasses all trying to goad the couple … [Read more...]

Wedding Music for 2013

Every young couple in planning their wedding has to decide on minimally two different selections of music. One is for the actual wedding ceremony the other list of tunes is for the wedding reception. Often the wedding ceremony music is much more formal than the music at the party. Selection of the type of music for your wedding ceremony will depend on whether your wedding is a church event or not. Many churches have strict guidelines about what they will allow at their services, with Roman Catholic, Muslim and some Evangelical churches being the most traditional with regards to the type of … [Read more...]

Guest lounge at the wedding receptions all the rage!

An emerging trend in wedding receptions, once again, is to include a guest lounge at the wedding reception. This is a place where your wedding guests can mingle and relax away from the dance floor and enjoy snacks and refreshments. This area can be decorated to match the theme of the wedding and adds a relaxed atmosphere where your guests can retreat to enjoy some one-on-one conversation. Some reception lounges will have a sports bar set up, a photo booth, games tables or a caricature artist, as many of these activities are becoming common place at wedding celebrations. In 2012, there was a … [Read more...]