The Ottawa Wedding Show: Photography

Your wedding day will seem a like a flash. For months you have planned it. Now you feel that the day went too quickly. There is so much going on that you are in sensory overload. This is why you need a professional photographer to capture the moments of the day – so that you can re-live it for years to come.

In general, we humans are pretty lousy are remembering things. This especially true when you become super busy with lots of sensory information coming your way. This overload makes it seem like time goes by quickly. Your wedding day becomes a hazy memory of salient points.

I’ve seen this happen during ceremonies. I expect that brides and grooms don’t remember a thing a told them in our planning meeting. I guide through what we planned for the marriage. I also encourage their photographer to do what they do best – capture the wedding for the couple to remember.

The nice thing about choosing a photographer is that you can sample their work on-line. You can examine at leisure their photographs to narrow your choices and then meet them to hire the right one for you.

How do you choose the right photographer? It come down to three points: Style, Personality, Price.


You can figure out a photographers style from their website. There are three styles used and any photographer will use all three. When you examine their portfolio you can figure out what is their preferred style.

Traditional where there are many ‘posed’ or set-up shots. Even if it is a cityscape or country – it is a set-up. Some are serious and some are fun.

Nareste Photography
Nareste Photography

Artistic photography is when shots are composed and edited to be a snapshot of life. It can be vintage, dramatic, surreal in feel.

Mark Cooper Photography
Mark Cooper Photography

The last style is photojournalism. The photographer takes pictures as the action happens. They capture impromptu moments that are touching and beautiful.

Kathi Robertson Weddings
Kathi Robertson Weddings

You can click on each of the photographers presenting at the Ottawa Wedding Show to get a preview of their style.


Your photographer will be spending lots of time with you on your big day. It is important that you ‘click’ with them – that your personalities match. It makes for a great wedding when the photographer and you have a common mindset, outlook and plan. You can only get that by meeting them. The Ottawa Wedding Show gives you the opportunity to gauge the personality fit.


It is a simple rule. Younger less established photographers will be less expensive than more experienced ones. Prices can range from $500 to $5000 depending on your budget. Price is also very dependent on how much time they spend with you. A full day shoot versus a two hour coverage will deeply influence your pricing.

In deciding on a photographer for you wedding, it is important to balance all three aspects of style, personality and price.

The Ottawa Wedding Show: Food


What food you will serve at your wedding is the subject of great discussion. With so many choices it is difficult to select what is appropriate. Now’s not the time to give up and go for the mundane.

Weddings are often remembered for the food that was served. It is something in which everyone loves to indulge. There are so many choices. Key considerations are; what type of food, how it is served and by where.

The type of food offered at your wedding can reflect on what you love to eat. For example, it can be of a certain ethnic flare such as East Indian or Mexican. It can range from pub food to haute cuisine. Whatever you select it must of course fit into your budget.


Type of Food

The three top food trends are:

  • Small plate appetizers, tapas, hors d’oeuvres – all of which can fit on a small plate that you can carry around.
  • Upscale chicken – don’t go for the regular chicken. How about Lemon Rosemary Brined Roast Chicken for example.
  • Signature desserts can be a nice strong finish to a meal. You could have ice cream floats made from crafted soda.

It is important to consider dietary restrictions for your guests. The two biggest requests are vegetarian and gluten free. Make sure that the quality of these alternative dishes are at the same level as the mainstream dish. For example, it would be inappropriate to serve roast beef and have a pasta primavera as the vegetarian option.


How it is served

There are three basic ways in which you can have the food served to your guests. Which one you want is based on number of guests, time of day of the reception and atmosphere you desire for your reception.

  • Sit down dinner that has plated and served food. This is a traditional wedding option.
  • Sit down dinner with a buffet for a more casual atmosphere.
  • Cocktail type receptions where food is either at small stations or served by roving wait staff.


Where you have your reception can influence what type of food and how it is served.

An on-location reception such as at home, in a tent or at a community centre is usually handled by a caterer. They can take care of everything. Choice caterers at the Ottawa Wedding Show are Gourmet Cuisine, La Cuisine Volante, and Lindocile Traiteur-Catering


The Ottawa Wedding Show: Venues


Congratulations you are getting married. You are anticipating the event already. The venue is probably the first decision you will need to make. The Ottawa Wedding Show features some fabulous options.

Believe it or not, your wedding venue will be the key choice for your wedding. Everything else really depends on it including the food, decor and perhaps your ceremony too. Venues quickly book up for the sweat spot of weddings – Saturday evenings from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving. It is important for you to quickly decide because you may need to change your desired date if your dream venue is already reserved.

Attending the Ottawa Wedding Show will allow you quickly browse through venues and help narrow down your choices. At the show you will find three types of venues:

Nature/ Rural Venues

These locations have access to natural settings. They are enough out of town that you can go for an outside stroll and see the stars. Beautiful pictures can be taken at sunset. I’ve performed wedding ceremonies at all these locations. So you have a one stop natural spot. Come check out the venues at the show: Canadian Golf and Country ClubLe BelvedereLoch March Golf & Country ClubOrchard ViewPine LodgeStonefields Heritage FarmWilderness Tours



Urban Locations

If you like a more modern setting that is easy to get to, then an urban location maybe your choice. There is a great variety of food and decor available to match your wedding dream. Each has its own personality that you can assess at the show. I’ve conducted several ceremonies in them as well. While at the Ottawa Wedding Show you can talk to representatives from these wonderful vendors: Canadian Museum of NatureCourtyard RestaurantMetropolitain BrasserieNext.



Large Venues

The venues listed above typically will max out their guest accommodation at about 180 people. If your wedding guest list is larger than this you will need to seriously look at the next selection of locales. They can take care of both small and large weddings. Many can also host your ceremony,indoors and outdoors. These places can do it all because they have the capacity. Visit: Canadian Museum of HistoryDoubletree by Hilton Hotel Gatineau-OttawaHilton Lac LeamyOttawa Conference and Event CentrePlaza PMGSala San MarcoSheraton Ottawa HotelSouthway Hotel.


My Favorite Wedding Dresses of 2013

By Dr. Alan Viau -

As with many other people, the end of the year is a time of reflection on what was 2013. There were four wedding dresses worn by brides for whom I performed weddings that stood out in my mind. Each was a superb choice for the woman who wore them.

Disney Princess: Her dream was to be a Disney Princess. Stunning as she walked down the aisle, it even took my breath away. Yes, she married Prince Charming.

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Wedding Bouquets of 2013

By Dr, Alan Viau -

Flowers and weddings go together. They are part of the romance. Flowers add beauty, delicacy and flare to an event. I love lots of flowers. But what will you choose for your day?

From 2013, here are bouquets from brides whose wedding ceremony I performed. As you can see, they add personality to the day. They reflect who you are. Have fun designing your bouquet.

Roses are always popular and classically romantic. Be careful as a big bouquet can be heavy to hold for a length of time.

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